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The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has established a Records Center in the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research for the purpose of providing for the proper arrangement, storage, and preservation of the records produced throughout the denomination's headquarters. In addition to serving the General Conference offices, the Records Center also serves in a similar manner the North American Division, Home Study International, and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. It is the policy (Working Policy B 60) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that all denominational organizations and institutions implement a records management program.

Each of the functions or departments, with the consultation of the Records Manager, develops a records retention schedule that identifies each of the types of records or files, the time they will be retained as active records in the office as well as in the Records Center, and what their eventual disposition will be. This varies from permanent preservation in the original form to microfilming and/or destruction. Each of these entities assigns a Records Coordinator to oversee the implementation of the records policies.

The Records Manager is available for consultation within the headquarters complex on questions related to records management. Depending on time availability, additional consultations are provided upon request to other denominational organizations and institutions.

The following information related to the Records Office is available for viewing and downloading:

    Records Management Manual
    Retention Guidelines
    Sample Retention Schedule

    What are Records and Records Management?
    GC Policy for Records Retention and Safeguarding
    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Records Management
    Role of the Departmental Records Coordinator
    Recommended Filing System
    What to Keep? What to Toss?
    Types of Records to be Transferred to the Records Center

If you have further questions about the Records Center, please address them to Peter Chiomenti.

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